8 Canva Graphic Design Tools to Make Your best Work Easier

Canva Graphic Design Tools


8 Canva Graphic Design Tools to Make Your Work Easier
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Canva Graphic Design Tools is a program that combines free photo editing software and a video editor. Make beautiful posts on social media, videos, cards, posters, photo collages, and more. Make your Instagram stories and video looks out now with one-tap animation and engaging soundtracks.

What if you don’t have any design experience or knowledge? Not a problem! We designed Canva very simple and easy for anyone on the globe to design.

Canva is a graphic design tool that has revealed eight new and exciting additions to the Canva range that seek to not only make designing easier, more accessible, and creative but also to enhance education while supporting non-profits in the community.

1. Video Canva

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Canva Video

Canva’s video production hub, where users may freely create and edit professional-looking videos. Canva customers will have access to hundreds of video templates, simple editing tools, free animations, and material such as music and stock photos, as well as the useful addition of ‘Storyboarding Design,’ which allows you to preview your work as you create it.

2. Apps from Canva

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Apps for Canva

Increase your design and publishing potential by utilizing technologies that can make the process easier than before. There are already over 30 apps accessible, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, and PhotoMosh.

3. Canva Graphic Design Tools for Educational Use

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Canva Education

Canva for Education, which is now in beta for Australian schools, offers a ‘Canva Classroom’ – an area where teachers and students may communicate and share work. You’re also pretty well set with up to 100GB of storage.

Canva for Education also offers thousands of templates and instructional materials for educators to use with their students, such as worksheets, educational posters, and reports.

There’s also curated material with over 2 million photographs, as well as a connection with GSuite and Google Classroom.

Students and educators no longer have to spend hours mastering difficult and expensive design tools, or sifting through a plethora of ineffective training materials and templates.” — Georgia Vidler, Canva 4’s Director of Product Button Created using Canva

4. Canva Button

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Canva Button

Collaboration with Humanity, a non-profit organization, to make uploading event graphics easier. The Canva Button, an API (Application Program Interface), will let Humanity event hosts create event banners directly from the Humanistic platform.

5. Make a 1% pledge

Melanie Perkins, Canva’s CEO and co-founder, declared the company’s support for the Pledge 1% effort. Canva will donate 1% of their stock, 1% of their profit, 1% of their time, and 1% of their resources to help make the world a better place.

Companies have a big role to play in shaping the world we live in, and we believe the 1% Pledge is an outstanding program.” – Melanie Perkins, Canva’s CEO and Cofounder. 

6. Canva Design Lab

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Canva Design Lab

Customers will be able to make their designs, publish their work, and print the finished product directly from the design lab kiosks when they launch next year. With same-day pick-up, this is an add-on that makes bringing your work to life straightforward and easy.

7. Canva Graphic Design Tools for Desktop

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Canva Graphic Design Tools for Desktop

Nothing is more infuriating than being on the go and unable to complete your job because you don’t have access to WiFi. Canva for Desktop allows you to design offline, anywhere and whenever you want.

8. Resize your whole layout to fit various platforms.

How to start to Learn Canva Design Tools Effectively
Resize your whole layout

We’re executed creating our visible. That became brief, right? Now, we need to publish proportionate it across various social media networks and print our poster. That also way we would resize for the one’s diverse stores — however, instead of going again and re-designing the complete visible in line with the dimensions required by each one, we will use Canva’s Magic Resize tool.

The Magic Resize tool is to be had for Canva for work customers — a paid plan beginning at $12. Ninety-five consistent with month. However, if you’re using the free gear, fear not, as we’ve got blanketed some opportunity resizing guidelines below.


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