8 Inspiring Examples of Modern UI Design

Modern UI Design

What is UI?

The process through which designers construct interfaces in software or digital devices is known as user interface design (UI). Designers strive to design interfaces that are simple to use and entertaining for users. This term is commonly used in the case of computer software and mobile apps.

A good user interface should be created by a designer. Which is appealing to people. Of course, the design should be color balanced.

Here are 8 Modern UI Design examples to help you develop your app:

1. Simplistic

1. Simplistic UI Design

If you’re selling things that are already colorful or complicated, a minimalist design like this one by Daniel Moss for Brave Wings may be best. Because magazine covers are intended to be visually busy, the app’s design features a white background, a clean layout, and a black, sans serif typography.

2. Consistent Layout

2. Consistent Layout
Consistent Layout

The regularity of the layout is one of the things that makes these UI screens, made by one of our Penji designers, stand out. Although the illustrations on the screens vary, the placement is the same: image on top, text below, and a button at the bottom. As can be seen in the illustration, it effectively employs the Simplicity Principle and makes the program appear simple to use.

3. Personalized Illustrations


Illustrations are a terrific approach to building a modern UI design app appeal, whether you’re striving for an Android app design or an iOS design. Outcrowd created this user interface with adorable visuals that go wonderfully with an e-book and audiobook subscription business.

4. Light Pastel Over Dark

Light Pastel Over Dark
Light Pastel Over Dark

Not all user interface designs must be light and colorful. Several tech pundits dubbed 2019 the “Year of Dark Mode” because it was the year when numerous apps decided to release a darker UI version. For example, uixNinja’s design features a dark background accented with pastel components.

5. Exceptional Contrast

Exceptional Contrast
Exceptional Contrast

Consider using contrasting colors if you want a dynamic color palette for a gorgeous dashboard UI design. For example, the contrast of yellow-orange and purple in this UI created by one of our hashlin designers provides a vibrant palette.

6. Fun App to Use

Fun App to Use
Fun App to Use

When you look at UI design for android, you’ll notice that many of them have amusing features. This is also true for mobile apps. Outcrowd’s design, for example, incorporates interactive elements such as a mood selector and a problem selector that employs attractive cards.

7. Gray tones with a pop of color

Gray tones with a pop of colour
Gray tones with a pop of color

If you want to bring attention to your selling product, a background with grey tones is ideal. However, with this color pallet, it may rapidly go from fantastic to drab. To avoid your UI becoming monotonous, add a splash of color, as seen in this design.

8. Modern UI Design with a Clean Look

Modern UI Design with a Clean Look
Modern UI Design with a Clean Look

Not all apps are finished goods. For certain firms, such as food delivery or eCommerce apps, the app serves as a channel to deliver their product. If that’s the case, go with a simple design that doesn’t compete with the things you’re selling. Make your app’s main course your product; provide a good UI design, but don’t detract from it. This UI, created by one of our Penji designers, demonstrates mastery of the concept. More amazing designs like this can be found in our portfolio.

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