How to do the best packaging box design? 2022 Tips

How to packaging box design?


The food you eat, the makeup you wear, the devices you buy, and the vitamins you take everyday morning are all kept in small jars, cartons, and bags. We’re told not to observe products by their covers, but that’s exactly what we do when it comes to our purchasing habits. In fact, around 72% of consumers believed that the style of packaging box design can impact their purchasing decision.

This is precisely why a designer must take full advantage of the packaging design surrounding the product; it is a marketing strategy in and of itself.

Concepts required for packaging design

Anyone can put something in a carton box and term it a package. But, if you had seen a rack full of cartons, how would you choose which one to pick? Packaging design simpler to distinguish between items and the brands from which they deviate.

What exactly is packaging box design?

How to Box packaging design
What exactly is packaging design

Packaging box design entails not only the creation of visuals but also the physical box of a product that a buyer purchases. Packaging design is important not only for the product but also for the firm as a whole because it serves as a memorable presentation of a brand.

  • Your organization will not want to be remembered for a blunder due to your design.
  • There are eight packaging box design criteria that must be followed in order to avoid this.
  • Understand your customer.
  • A function is followed by form.
  • Simplicity sells well.
  • Consider the brand.
  • Testing, testing, testing
  • Examine your competitors.
  • Maintain your composure
  • High-quality printing

1. Get to know your customer

How to Box packaging design
Get to know your customer

Before anything else, keep in mind that the consumer is of the biggest importance. The client is the one who makes the final decision and will select between your item and your competitors. Know your customer profile before you start designing.

This will be useful not only as you begin to incorporate yourself into your or your client’s brand, but it will also make decisions concerning your actual design easier.

2. Form comes after a function

Once you’ve determined who you’re creating for, it’s time to figure out what you’re designing for. You might have some good ideas, but do they make logical sense for the item you’re creating for?

Finally, your buyer should not buy the goods because of the packaging design. They should buy it for the contents. This butter packaging isn’t like the ones you’d get at a restaurant – the designers smartly included a small knife as a cover for the butter. What more could you possibly want?

Look at this regulation as an opportunity, not a constraint! A packaging design can be twisted in a variety of ways to better fit the goods within. The more inventive you are, the more it will stand out on the shelf.

Remind what your product is once more. Not every product necessitates a one-of-a-kind design. When designing a cereal box, keep in mind that it should be pleasant for both adults and children to grab onto, stand on its own, retain the materials in one area, and be easy to spill cereal out of. If you can come up with a better solution than a box that meets all of those requirements, please do so.

For a long time, the rectangle has proven effective. It is not always necessary to think outside the box.

3. Simplicity is attractive

How to Box packaging design
Simplicity is attractive

Minimalism has been one of the trendiest packaging design trends in recent years (and is expected to be a 2019 trend). And there’s a reason behind that. We prefer it when something goes on the first attempt, whenever website URLs are simple to remember, and when a simple PB&J replaces an elaborate supper. In this complex world, simplicity is a delight.

So, to attract people to a product, use a basic package design to demonstrate how simple it is. Minimal design is appealing, graceful, and inviting.

Are you unsure of what simplicity looks like?

4. Analyze the brand

How to Box packaging design
Analyze the brand

Whether you’re designing for one product or multiple, it’s critical to let clients know in which the product comes from.

Packaging design is an excellent technique to communicate the company’s brand.

Apple, for example, is one of the world’s most powerful brands. It’s not only about their laptops and phones; it’s also about how things are displayed. Apple’s enticing TV advertisements, attractive site design features, and enticing ad design are simply an extension of their product packaging.

5. Test, test, and test again.

As a designer, you understand that your job is never finished. There are countless methods to show the information you’re providing consumers on the packaging. Mockup a few alternative concepts and examine them for yourself. Which choice sticks out with you and your friends the most? It’s critical to obtain other people’s perspectives on this because you’re a little biased.


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