product marketing skills in 2022

product marketing skills

What skills do I need to be a product marketer?

Product advertising brings collectively 3 worlds: clients, product, and advertising. The area of product marketing requires expert information to talk about the advantages of a product in a manner that resonates with target customers. It takes a huge talent set to apply that expertise to the large set of deliverables that product marketers are accountable for — together with messaging, income enablement substances, advertising programs, and lots extra.

The discipline of product marketing can vary drastically through enterprise. But, it’s far from an essential role in era groups. Especially within the B2B area, there are more technical products in the marketplace and competition is fierce. Organizations need folks that can understand the product and the marketplace, and who can virtually communicate the benefits to customers.

It’s no easy feat to launch a product effectively and keep riding its increase. Product advertising performs an important function in managing those efforts and making sure absolutely everyone — each internally and externally — knows the particular fee their product gives.

For plenty of product marketers, it’s the extensive form of responsibilities and deliverables that makes this profession path so hard and thrilling. To be successful, a product marketer ought to have a middle set of underlying competencies that can be carried out to different conditions.



Product entrepreneurs often have ranges in advertising or commercial enterprise administration. For management roles in product advertising, a few organizations also choose MBAs. But, higher training is simply one aspect. Many product marketers start off as general marketers. This offers exposure to a specific enterprise and the opportunity to study purposeful skills on the task.


There are some critical capabilities that each product marketer desires which will function as a bridge across many departments (particularly product, income, and marketing), speak of a product’s price, and pressure growth. The desk underneath consists of an outline of the skills that serve all product marketers nicely.

Move-purposeful leadership

Product marketers often lead without direct authority. They rally internal teams to work together on product launches and inspire colleagues with their technical understanding and clarification of product benefits. Product advertising communicates early and often, is familiar with the metrics other groups are held chargeable for, and invests in relationships with teammates to force move-functional teamwork.


Consumer empathy

Product entrepreneurs realize the needs and pains of clients deeply. They may lead product demos, interview clients for case studies, and read each remark on-line to honestly recognize the impact of a customer trouble. This empathetic wondering results in more thoughtful, impactful messaging.

Advertising knowledge

A product marketer needs to recognize the broader advertising and marketing area and excel in content material, demand technology, social media, virtual advertising and marketing, and assignment management. Additionally, product entrepreneurs must write noticeably properly, from cross-to-marketplace substances to case research.

Making plans and mission management

Effective making plans abilities are essential to product advertising and marketing. Leading as much as any release, product marketing ensures every update has been made and every customer-dealing with crew has the materials they want. A success launches are carefully planned — earlier than, at some stage in, and after the go-live date.

Presentation capability

Product entrepreneurs need to have sturdy conversation talents. External-dealing with shows regularly consist of consumer demos, convention talks or Q+As, press and analyst briefings, and webinars. Product marketers must additionally be capable of present their move-to-marketplace strategies internally and lead inner marketplace and product training sessions.

Product knowledge

Product marketers need to apprehend their services or products better than nearly everybody else inside the organization. That is required to articulate the advantages to customers. In addition to using their personal product or service on an everyday basis, product marketers should follow vital thought to the effect of recent functionality on use instances. They must also preserve a clean perspective by regularly speakme to clients.

Research and evaluation

Product entrepreneurs recognise the product landscape and its present day modifications. They are professional at interpreting and studying their findings and, most importantly, applying those insights and influencing product selections. Product marketers are continually aware about competitor actions and industry shifts that could affect their business enterprise’s product boom and positioning.


Product entrepreneurs are professional at constructing cross-to-marketplace roadmaps that capture the high-level method and paintings required to deliver a brand new revel in to customers. Their plans explain how they’ll sell their new feature, product, or service to attain the right audience. A product marketer’s capability to outline a strong roadmap facilitates aligning the entire organization around what they need to attain from a release.


Product advertising must distill the essence of the product’s fee into a message that resonates with their target audience. The first-class product marketers write positioning that genuinely captures a purchaser’s problem and makes a sturdy argument for how their product solves it. They tell shoppers the story of why their product subjects — and provide the storyline and shape for different entrepreneurs to inform it too.

Strategic thinking

Product advertising and marketing is a strategic feature. Product marketers should recognize the massive image, enterprise goals, and the way everything suits their enterprise to make an effect. They outline move-to-market strategies and other key applications that propel the enterprise ahead. Product marketing additionally presents the information that permits other groups to deliver whole and powerful programs.

Technical knowledge

The more product marketers recognize about the generation behind the product, the better they are able to articulate its price and differentiate it in the market. Product advertising and marketing wishes to explain the technical blessings of functionality and create belongings which includes films and screenshots that show a way to use it. Combining technical expertise with product knowledge and purchaser empathy is key to successfully communicating the cost of your way to goal buyers.

Written communication

Product entrepreneurs write an extensive form of content from customer case studies to blogs and go-to-market materials. Their capability to write down in a clear and concise way is key to assisting customers apprehend how their product works and the price it offers. Product marketing’s expertise in their target audience and their very own enterprise’s voice also contributes to the satisfaction in their reproduction.


Product marketers confront all types of releases and commercial enterprise issues. They want a huge set of skills to efficiently navigate and supply the challenge at hand. The listing above summarizes the fundamental competencies that a product marketer desires and the price they create to a company.


Compensation and job titles

Product advertising and marketing is a precious function and a profitable career direction. There is the potential to have a wonderful effect on many humans and processes inside the business enterprise. Now which you know the training and abilities required, you will be wondering how an awful lot these roles generally get paid.

Salaries among product marketing experts can range anywhere from $forty seven,000 to $two hundred,000-plus depending on seniority, according to websites together with Glassdoor and PayScale. Common product advertising and marketing job titles consist of junior product advertising partner, product marketing manager, senior product advertising manager, and director of product advertising.

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