The Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step in 2023

The Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step in 2022

What Is Affiliate marketing on amazon?

Affiliate marketing on amazon is promoting other people’s products in return for a small commission for each sale. You’ve probably seen headings marked “affiliate link” or “sponsored post” on many of the websites you visit, or maybe you’ve already taken the first step and signed up for an affiliate network. The Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step in 2023

If you are new to Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step, let’s cover how it works. 

First, find an affiliate program or network you are interested in. Look at the program overview, including the type of products or services, payment methods, and commissions they offer. 

If it appeals to you, sign up and wait for confirmation of your acceptance. Then, start creating content, and adding the custom links the program provides. Those links track when one of your users makes a purchase, and you’ll earn a small commission. 

You can work with individual companies or affiliate networks, where you register and choose the programs that interest you. The programs are generally divided into categories to make selection easier. Once approved, start promoting your affiliate links 

on your website, in newsletters, on social media, and anywhere else you’re permitted to share links. 

The network sends you a payment when you’ve reached the minimum payment level. Payment methods vary and usually include PayPal, bank transfers, and checks. 

Why do affiliate marketing on Amazon?

Here are two reasons why you should consider doing affiliate marketing: 

1. Low-cost and low-risk

Starting a business means incurring upfront costs for products, employees, equipment, rent, and so on. This makes it risky and expensive. With affiliate marketing, all you need is a website. Even if it doesn’t work out, all you’ve wasted is time and a little bit of money.

2. Easy to scale

A typical salesperson only sells products from one company. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote products from many different companies and earn commissions from all of them. 

How to Become an Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step?

Do you want to get into affiliate marketing but don’t know where to start? Joining affiliate programs is one of the easiest ways to make money as a content creator. However, scouting out the right programs for your audience can be challenging.

One of the best options to consider is Amazon Associates. Whatever your niche might be, there are several ways you can incorporate Amazon products into your content. For instance, you can create gift guides, write product reviews, or put together product lists such as recommended books or top outdoor gear.

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of joining Amazon Associates. Then we’ll show you how to become an affiliate, from setting up your account to generating links for your favorite products. Let’s get started!

Why You Might Want to Become an Amazon Affiliate

As an Amazon affiliate, you earn a commission every time someone purchases through an affiliate link in your content. This means you can make a passive income simply by promoting products that are sold on Amazon:

There are other reasons you may want to consider signing up for Amazon Associates:

  • It’s free and easy to join. You don’t have to pay a membership fee or meet specific requirements to be accepted.
  • It is home to millions of products. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to curating items for your audience.
  • It offers several options for displaying products. You can generate customized links and widgets for the products you want to promote.

Next, we’ll show you how to become an Amazon affiliate, so you can start earning money by recommending relevant offerings to your audience.

The Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step in 2023

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate (In 5 Steps)

Before applying to Amazon’s affiliate program, you need to have a live website. If you’ve just launched a blog, you might want to publish some original posts before submitting your application.

Having an active site increases your chances of getting accepted. You can also set up an Amazon affiliate account for your YouTube channel or mobile app. The Affiliate marketing on amazon step-by-step.

Step 1: Sign Up for Affiliate marketing on the Amazon Program

Start by heading to the Amazon Associates home page. Select your language and location from the top menu, and then click the yellow Sign Up button in the header.

The next page will ask you to sign in with an existing Amazon account. If you don’t have one, click on the Create your Amazon account button and you’ll be taken to a registration page link: https://www.amazon.com/ap/signin  

Once you’ve set up your account, return to the Amazon Associates homepage and sign in with your details. Then, you can start filling out the application for the affiliate program.

Step 2: Enter Your Details and Website Address

Next, let’s go through the application step-by-step. On the first page, Account Information, you’ll be asked to provide and confirm your details, primarily your name, address, and mobile phone number.

At the bottom of the page, select the main contact for the account you’re creating. You can choose yourself as the payee by checking The payee listed above option. Alternatively, you can add another contact by selecting the second option.

When you’re done, hit Next to move on to the Website and Mobile App List:

Here, you can add the web addresses where you plan to promote Amazon products. This can include websites, blogs, YouTube channels, and mobile apps.

Step 3: Build Your Profile

The Profile page will ask you to provide some information about your website(s) or mobile app(s). Start by setting your Associates ID. You can use your name or your website’s name for this. Note that the ID will also appear in your affiliate links.

Next, write a few sentences explaining what your website is about. From the lists provided, choose the topics that best describe your website, pick the kind of Amazon products you plan to promote and select the type of website(s) or app(s) you own:

In the Traffic & Monetization section of the page, you’ll need to tell Amazon how you’ll drive traffic to your site and how you’ll generate money from your content. Use the lists provided to select the options that apply to your site:

Before clicking on Finish, you might want to read the Associate’s Program Operating Agreement mentioned in the Contract Terms section.

Step 4: Select Your Payment Preferences

Once you’ve built your profile and hit Finish, you’ll see a page confirming that your application has been submitted. You’ll also find some information about using your Associate ID and navigating the affiliate program.

Amazon will review your application once you’ve made the first sale through your website. If you don’t make at least three sales within the next 180 days, your application will be withdrawn.

This page will also ask you to enter your payment details and tax information, but you can choose to do that later.

Step 5: Start Generating Your Affiliate Links

That’s it – you’re now an Amazon affiliate! Note that Amazon asks you to identify yourself as an Associate and put a disclaimer on your website. You might want to do this right away to avoid getting banned from the affiliate program.

When you’re ready to create your first Amazon affiliate link, head to the Amazon Associates home page. This is where you’ll search for products and track your monthly performance:

Let’s generate the first affiliate link. Navigate to Quick Links: Search for Product, and type the product you’re looking for into the search bar.

Click on Go and you’ll get a list of results. Choose your product and hit the accompanying Get link button:

Next, you’ll see a page with options for displaying the product on your website: Text and Image, Text Only, Image Only, and Add to Widget.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll get an HTML code to add to the page or post where you wish to display the product. If you select Text Only, you can grab a link instead of the code:

The monthly income isn’t fixed

Honestly put, the actual income can never be estimated accurately as you have no control over a list of things. But, you can expect better when you will take care of the matters under your complete control. We can’t set some variables with a number and they play a significant role.

  • Seamless user experience is an important parameter, while conversion is your ultimate goal. To ensure that you require a website that satisfies users with its eye-soothing design and super-fast loading speed. Despite high-quality content, your site may give you unwanted results if it’s not optimized for conversion.
  • Another vital player is the good practice of SEO. Regardless of your niche, target audience, and goals, you must know how to implement the best SEO. Both on-page, as well as off-site optimization, is required. Moreover, if Google doesn’t love your site then users won’t find it. To keep safe from any penalty and boost user engagement, start taking care of the site now.
  • Have you considered the user intent of your target keywords? If users are looking for information and your site is ready for that then the sales would be expectedly lower. Otherwise, you have to work with the buyer traffic and buyer keyword. You must need to rank for those buyer-focused keywords.
  • Finally, Amazon’s commission structure is a key role player in your total earnings. Amazon’s likely to pay up to 10% based on various categories. Hence, if your site covers high-paying-commission products then you may expect a bigger income. And, whatever someone buys within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate links, you’ll get a commission for all of them (even if you don’t promote those products.)


If you want to make money by promoting products on your site, you should consider signing up for Amazon Associates. It’s free to join, simple to use, and offers access to millions of products that you can promote through customized links and widgets.

Amazon website link: https://www.amazon.com/

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is a very straightforward process. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program.
  • Enter your details and website address.
  • Build your profile.
  • Select your payment preferences.
  • Start generating your affiliate links.

For more information on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

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