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If you`re pressured over the distinction among the numerous picture record kinds, you`re now no longer alone. When starting up a project, one of the first matters we request from the consumer is a vector record in their emblem. However, that request is regularly met with clean stares or responses like “can`t you simply pull the emblem from my site?”. As a marketer, information on the significance and function of various picture record kinds is crucial to making sure your emblem is nicely represented and to higher talk with designers, builders, and printers.


What is a vector file? What is Raster?

We can begin making feel of the difficulty through clarifying the distinction among the 2 main photograph types – raster and vector.

Raster pix use many colored pixels or men or women constructing blocks to shape an entire picture. JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs are not unusual to place raster picture types. Almost all the photographs determined at the net and in print catalogs are raster pix.

Because raster photographs are built with the usage of a set variety of colored pixels, they can`t be dramatically resized without compromising their resolution. When stretched to in shape an area they weren`t designed to fill, their pixels turn out to be visibly grainy and the photograph distorts. This is why altered photographs may also seem pixilated or low resolution. Therefore, it’s miles critical that you shop raster documents at exactly the scale had to cast off viable complications.

Raster images

Raster images, alternatively, permit greater flexibility. Constructed the usage of mathematical formulation instead of person-colored blocks, vector report kinds consisting Vector of EPS, AI, and PDF* are extremely good for growing pictures that regularly require resizing. Your enterprise emblem and logo pictures ought to be created as a vector and stored as a grasp report so that you can use it with smaller gadgets consisting of your commercial enterprise card and letterhead, however additionally on large surfaces, consisting of your company jet. When necessary, constantly create a JPG or PNG to be used on the internet from this grasp vector report. Just make sure to keep the brand new raster report withinside the actual dimensions needed.

*A PDF is typically a vector record. However, relying on how a PDF is in the beginning created, it could be both a vector or a raster record. 

 Whether you favor flattening the layers of your record or picking out to maintain every one will decide the photograph type.


High Resolution or Low Resolution?

High Resolution or Low Resolution
High Resolution or Low Resolution

internet-print-dpi-ppiTo To decide whether or not your raster pics are an appropriate decision for a selected application, you want to test their pixel density. Units of size along with dots consistent with inch (DPI) or pixels consistent with inch (PPI) confer with the range of pixels in a single inch of the image. These measurements emerge as essential while you try to use raster pics in unique places, along with on the internet or in print publications.

The internet, historically, presentations 72dpi (seventy-two dots or pixels in step with inch) – a fantastically low pixel density but maximum current presentations at the moment are a great deal better. That stated many pictures on the internet are nevertheless in that seventy-two-one hundred dpi range. While video display units can show better decisions the internet additionally desires to be optimized for pace so pictures around one hundred dpi hit the candy spot for searching brilliant on a display screen however additionally loading quickly. Raster pictures with a low DPI withinside the seventy-two-one hundred appearance exceptional and crisp on the internet. But this equal low DPI photograph won’t be appropriate for printing on a brochure or packaging. To efficaciously print a photograph, it ought to be at the least 300dpi, a miles better pixel density than the internet presentations. Resizing a low DPI photograph pulled from the internet to shape the size of your print assignment won`t paintings due to the fact the equal finite variety of pixels simplest get larger and start to distort. For example, let`s say you need to print your emblem at 2″x3″ on a brochure. I have a 72dpi jpg of your emblem and it`s 2-inches with the aid of using three inches, it’s going to want to be “stretched” to extra than three instances of the dimensions to get it as much as 300dpi. That 72dpi emblem can also additionally appear brilliant to your pc monitor, however, while it prints at 300dpi it’s going to appear pixilated. Instead, you ought to use a vector model of your emblem Vector (.EPS or . AI) or create a raster (JPG) with the precise dimensions preferred and at 300dpi.


Different photo report extension kinds and the fine use for each


JPG (or JPEG) is a raster photo this is frequently used for pix on the web. JPGs may be optimized, whilst saving them out of photoshop, to locate the right stability of small report length and excessive-quality. On the web, you need your pix documents to be as small as they may be so your web web page hundreds quickly, however Vector big sufficient to nevertheless seem crisp and now no longer pixilated. A JPG can`t have an obvious historical past so they’re continual withinside the form of a rectangle or rectangular with a strong historical past.

Best use = rectangle or rectangular pics and images for your website.


PNG is every other raster photograph type. For the overall marketer, the principle distinction to apprehend among a PNG and JPG is that a PNG will have an obvious history and is commonly large and of better quality. Therefore a PNG is right for saving brand documents for websites due to the fact they may be located over a colored history. 

 Best use = logos, icons, and different snapshots wherein an obvious history is preferred.


A GIF is every other raster picture type. A GIF is fashioned from as many as 256 hues from the RBG colorspace. The fewer hues and sun sunglasses contained in a picture, the smaller the record size. Therefore a GIF is good for photos that use only some stable hues and don`t have gradients or herbal sun sunglasses. You wouldn`t need to apply a GIF for a photograph. 

 Best use = easy net photographs which include net buttons, charts, and icons.


A TIF (or TIFF) is a massive raster file. It has no loss in best and consequently is often used for pics utilized in printing. On the web, due to load time, you commonly need to apply smaller pics which include JPG or PNG. 


 Best use = pics and snapshots for the excessive best print.


An EPS record is a vector record of graphic, textual content, or illustration. Because it’s far vector it is able to effortlessly be resized to any length it wishes to be. An EPS record may be reopened and edited.

Best use = grasp brand documents and pics and print designs.


An AI report is a proprietary, vector report kind created with the aid of using Adobe that may simplest be created or edited with Adobe Illustrator. It is maximum generally used for growing logos, illustrations, and print layouts. 

 Best use = growing logos, graphics, illustrations.


Editing vector documents and saving “in outlines”

Vector documents inclusive of AI and EPS can stay editable so that you can open them again up in Illustrator and edit any textual content or different factors in the graphic. With snapshots that incorporate textual content which can be stored as a JPG, PNG, or GIF, you will now no longer be capable of reopening and editing the textual content. 

 At MODassic we regularly create documents in Illustrator and shop an AI report as our grasp report, however then additionally shop an EPS version, “in outlines” that is utilized in manufacturing and despatched to print. 

Saving in “outlines” is a time period that you’ll pay attention to whilst sending documents to print. If a printer doesn`t have a font you used to your layout and the vector record isn’t stored in outlines then after they open the record the textual content won`t have the preferred appearance because it will default to a distinctive font. Saving something with “outlines” essentially method you’re locking the textual content in order that it`s now not technically a font however as a substitute made of vector shapes that shape your letters. This is essential whilst sending photos to print. Saving a record in outlines makes your textual content now not editable that’s why at MODassic we preserve the AI record as an editable grasp after which shop an EPS because the locked very last artwork which we ship to print. 

 Working with pics may be confusing, but bearing those key records in thoughts will remove a great deal of the trouble and of the direction we`re continually right here to assist or solve any questions.

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